rande naslepo černovice • Do you obsess about your appearance?
• Do you feel guilt or shame after you eat or about what you ate?
• Are you exhausted by diets that never work?
• Do you eat to “stop feeling so bad”?

Ready for a change?

Lets work together

Iwaki saint-rémi gay dating city Food is fundamental to life. We connect with food several times each day in an experience that can be nurturing or punishing. Our relationship with food reflects how we relate to self and others. Food issues are never about food. Instead, they allow us a wonderful opportunity to get clear on what we are truly hungry for so that we can begin to tend to ourselves with greater wisdom.

https://indofrica.com/55087-online-dating-sites-for-older-professionals-45587/ As one of a handful of professional psychotherapists in the United States who is also a registered dietitian, I hold unique qualifications to address the entire range of food issues and body image concerns. I am passionate about helping you foster a sane and satisfying relationship with food and the body you live in.

Guatemala eskorte kvinner eskortepiker tromsø My goal is to provide a healing environment that is holistic, supportive, educational, safe, solution-focused and client-directed in our work together.

kosten dating cafe you tube I look forward to coaching you on the phone, or providing face-to-face psychotherapy if you live in Northeast Wisconsin.

“Through Jody’s competent and caring professional guidance, our daughter has benefited both physically and emotionally in ways we never imagined possible. She is an invaluable resource and an absolute treasure to the Door County community.”

Can you explain what the non-diet approach is?

Absolutely! The non-diet approach focuses on metabolic health and overall well being rather than the number on the scale being the primary focus.

We know restrictive diets don’t work. The non-diet approach assumes (correctly) that the body will find its natural weight as one eats in response to hunger and fullness. We focus on meal composition and timing so that your blood sugar works to support you. Satiety becomes an important gauge as to when you have had enough, refocusing the reliance on inner cues rather than external rules. Physical cues of hunger and satiety are valued, not overruled.

Nutrition education empowers your decision making and sense of stability. All food is legalized and acceptable; it is self-regulated, internally cued, and non-restrained. Exercise for the sake of weight loss is replaced with movement that brings you a sense of pleasure. Size acceptance and body trust are additional components. Harsh judgments about what bodies should look like have created a nation of women (men, too) who have lost confidence living in their bodies, with self worth wrapped up around how we look instead of who we are and what we bring to the world. We do not find happiness by changing our body to fit the culture, but by changing our attitude toward self and never forsaking our natural body form. The perfect body is unachievable–and the inevitable consequence of this impossible dream is powerlessness and failure.

I am passionate about undoing that cultural trap; one that implies we can’t feel good until we look good. The non-diet approach has a philosophy that resonates with my own – that we hunger more for full lives than perfect bodies, so lets optimize our health and take up all the space we deserve in a full life.