What is Integrative Personal Wellness Coaching?

It is my observation that in order to build satisfying and lasting solutions to problems we encounter, we benefit from examining and fine tuning the broader picture of our life. Issues we struggle with fit into a ‘larger context’. That larger context I speak of includes six vital areas important to a full and thriving life experience; the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, creative and social. Integrative personal wellness coaching focuses on strengthening and ‘integrating’ all six areas while attending to the problem that brought to me in the first place.
I knew a kindergarten teacher who took her 5 year olds out birdwatching in the park near school. She taught the kids to find birds by first scanning carefully the entire tree and then beginning to look for general, then specific movement until a bird was spotted. Most of us want to just look for the bird and struggle to find it without taking into account the whole picture.
Integrative personal wellness coaching scans the larger picture of your life to see where nourishment is needed, be that emotional nourishment, creative nourishment, physical, intellectual, spiritual or social nourishment. We keep fine tuning together until the problem that brought you to me in the first place has a solution that satisfies you and a base to better support it.